Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seeking Kali 014

The images on the front of this card were created for Seeking Kali by Ria Vanden Eynde, Susan Shulman and William Evertson.



KALI-MEMENTO: The Kali hand stamp on the cover and attached, was created by William Evertson. This is how he describes his miniature plaster sculptures. "I think of my own hands. Once a child’s; untested and unblemished; now middle aged, calloused and scarred. Alternately strong and fragile; having physical memories of all the things they have touched. The memories that have shaped my hands. Their own patina somehow beyond my mental construct of how they got this way. I apply pigmented waxes as they come out aged - different - reflections of their symbol and the beginning of their journeys and the dust I and they come from and return to," the SEEKING KALI journey!


East Hampton, CT, USA

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