Monday, February 7, 2011

Jamie Newton 006


Hillsboro, OR, USA


  1. Change exists forever, the total elimination of something is impossible. If energy could be destroyed, you may have a case for death but I don't believe that anything can be destroyed only changed. Hope we get out of this physical stage soon, I only need 1 more key.

  2. Dead people I know come to me in dreams. Most of them are unhappy or confused. A couple of them were content and relaxed. EVERYTHING is made of Energy, which appears in many forms. We see the large patterns, not the spaces-- of which there is more. Does the space between have energy, too? "Dark Matter" must, as matter = energy. The temporal world degrades, but the Soul moves on, is freed at death. "Where" does it go? "Here," as all Time and Space are present in the eternal now? What is the difference between personal ego and consciousness? How much of it remains to move along? "Remains" are what is left over after the soul energy is free. I think somehow it must cycle back into the system, if the Universe is a closed energy system. Universe, I define as All. If God is omnipotent and omniscient, then God must be All, experiencing itself. We cannot be separate. On a micro level, we each have our assignments in Life and lessons to learn. Compassion and Love are the most important guides. Hatred, war, envy, fear, are the failures.


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